Steve Smith

Steve Smith was voted Academy of Chief Executives Speaker of the Year 2009-10. Britain’s Most Successful ever High Jumper & Olympic Medalist. Perfect for improving individual and team performance.

Steve Smith is one of the country’s best and most sought after motivational speakers with extensive experience of working with leading corporate organisations and elite level sport, in particular premier league football.

He is still Britain’s most successful ever high jumper, having won a medal in every major championship including the Olympic Games and his British record has now stood untouched for an incredible 16 years.

Career Highlights –

  • 1993 World Championship Bronze medalist
  • 1994 Commonwealth Games Silver medalist
  • 1994 European Championship Silver medalist
  • 1996 Olympic Bronze medalist

Presentation Overview –

Steve has a highly engaging style and his presentations are interactive and challenging as he takes the audience on a rollercoaster journey through his Olympic experience. Whilst sport based, his business experience ensures that the real life links into audience roles are never forgotten and delegates have a clear understanding of how the sporting parallels relate to them.

A recent survey of over 100 presentations showed that 98% of the delegates attending his sessions agreed to take away something from his presentation to impact on their own performance.