Mike Cowan

Mike Cowan is a former Yorkshire County Fast Bowler, sharing the opening attack with the famous Fred Trueman for nine years.  He touredPakistan with the MCC.  He was born of an Irish father and brought up in the South Yorkshire mining area of the County,  an area noted for its ruggedness and humorous approach to life.

Since leaving professional sport, Mike has been involved in the world of selling.  The last twelve years he was responsible for the sales in the North of England for Penguin books, speaking at many conferences on behalf of the Company.

He has also undertaken TV commentary work for Yorkshire Television.  Combining all these related facts from his unique and varied career lends itself to one of the most amusing and entertaining speeches you will ever have the pleasure to hear.

He has been invited by Michael Parkinson to stay with him and speak at dinners that he has organised.  He has built up a splendid reputation in the North and has now started to appear with great success in the South of England.

Mike Cowan possesses a most unique gift.  He has the natural ability when speaking to people, of keeping them entertained in an interesting and amusing manner.

This is the reason why he is in demand for conferences, sporting dinners, Company hospitality days, charity evenings, yes! and even Ladies luncheon clubs.  Why is he in demand?  Because he has the rare talent of combining his life and background into anecdotes of splendid Northern humour.

So, when looking for an entertaining speaker with a clean, topical and amusing talent, why not invite Mike to come along.  What can you lose?  You will only enjoy yourself, but most important, so will everyone else.