Karen Pickering MBE

Karen Pickering successfully takes all her experiences from 20 years of international competition to the platform for personal appearances, conferences, motivational speaking, after-dinner speaking and hosting. Drawing on her career, she is able to deliver messages that apply in equal measure to the world of sport and business. Her specialist areas include:

Motivation. What drove her to get up every morning at 5am and push herself to the limit time and time again in training and competition? Karen tells of the commitment needed to be a winner, how to set goals and how to achieve them.

Winning/Team Work. No stranger to the medal rostrum, Karen uses a combination of personal experience and anecdotes to convey the will to win and working as part of a team. This includes an inspiring account of competing against the Australians at the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002.

Against the Odds. In 1996 Karen broke her back in a car accident. In a moving account she talks about the emotional roller-coaster she went through for three years of trying to get back to world level competition, how she learned never to waste an opportunity and the pride in succeeding against the odds. A lesson in taking the ‘glass half-full’ approach to life and challenges.

Diversity/Equality. Unusually for a sport, male and female swimmers are treated as equals in terms of prize money and media coverage but life outside of the pool can be a lot less fair. Karen talks about her experiences, tailoring her messages to the world of both sport and business.

Inspiration. With 35 major Championship medals and two World Records to her name Karen has great insight into what it takes to be an achiever. Whilst swimming is considered a young persons’ sport, Karen took two gold medals at the 2002 Commonwealth Games aged 30. She gives an insight into the mental strength needed to keep going and how to push open the barriers.

Presenting/Hosting. Karen has been praised for her presenting and hosting skills. Working with clients to host their events, Karen has a natural flair for entertaining.

After Dinner Speaking. Karen has a great collection of amusing and entertaining anecdotes that she has ammassed during her years as an international swimmer and since her retirement.

Articulate and with a great sense of humour, she is able to tailor her talks to suit the client’s needs. Karen has a wealth of funny, moving and inspirational stories to share.