John Virgo

John Virgo turned professional in 1976. His snooker-playing fortunes peaked in 1979 when he reached the semi-final of the World Championship and went on to win the 1979 UK Championship (though this was not a ranking event at the time). His UK Championship win came despite his being controversially docked two frames for arriving late after his alarm clock failed to go off. He reached number 10 in the rankings the next season.

Virgo, as part of his exhibition performances, had long performed trick shots and comedy impressions of other snooker players. During the 1982 World Championship, after one semi-final had finished early, he performed some of his impressions, such as of Alex Higgins, Terry Griffiths and Dennis Taylor. Virgo retired from professional play in 1994. He is now a TV snooker commentator and was co-presenter of the snooker-based TV game show Big Break with ’comedian’ Jim Davidson.