Georgina Harland

Georgina Harlands athletic career has been characterised by exceptional determination, energy and focus. For the past ten years she has had a remarkable record of sustained international success. Not only is she an Olympic Medallist but also a Multiple World and European Champion and has been ranked in the World Top 5 for the duration of this time.

Georgina’s openness and honesty enables her to deliver a very personal, passionate and effective account of her time within the sport of Modern Pentathlon.

Georgina has displayed the mental toughness for almost a decade to absorb the unrelenting challenge of training in a sport with 5 diverse disciplines that ranks it amongst the most physically and mentally demanding tests for elite athletes.

During this time she has developed a highly effective process of self regulation, consistently demonstrating the ability to think rationally under pressure; standing on the podium at the Olympic Games in 2004 after having trailed in 31st after the first event was a true example of managing emotion and focusing on the desired outcome in a high pressure environment.

Although Georgina was an all round sports woman from a young age it was only at 18 that she actually discovered the sport of Modern Pentathlon. However despite her late start she has not looked back, driven by her desire to be the best that she can be. Throughout her career her greatest challenge has been to understand who she is as a person and learn how to accept the elements of her character that do not lend themselves so well to elite performance. She has had to master the ability to control and channel her energy and focus across all of the disciplines; shooting, fencing, swimming, show jumping and running.

Speaking topics focus on; Performing Under Pressure, Targeting Success, Managing Emotion, Relentless Excellence