Dave Aldred MBE

Dave Alred is regarded as the world’s leading kicking coach

Dave Alred has been employed by England since 1998. During this time his brief not only included work with Jonny Wilkinson and the squads leading kickers but also the players’ mental preparation.

He was recently inaugurated into the UK Coaching Hall of Fame for his contribution to the success of the England Rugby World Cup winning squad, awarded the Mussabini Medal for outstanding success on the world stage and was honoured with an MBE in the 2004 New Years Honours List.

This is a unique interactive presentation that vividly illustrates and introduces the 8 Principles of Coaching for Performing under Pressure.

It tackles the challenges facing all those who are tasked with raising performance levels within pressured environments in both elite sport and business.

It is both entertaining and thought provoking, and offers practical approaches to improving performance, drawing on experience from a diverse range of elite performance situations.

Areas tackled include

• The impact of language
• Skill acquisition as a behaviour
• Thinking correctly under pressure
• The creation of relevant training environments
• The balance of implicit explicit learning
• Delaying sensory shutdown


Each of the 8 Principles are available as more detailed and interactive workshops that can be applied to either a business or elite sport environment.