Sean Chapple

With a life as inspirational as his achievements are measurable Sean Chapple  brings a new dimension to motivational speaking and personal development.

As one of the World’s most successful polar expedition leaders the ‘Ice Man®’ has planned, managed and led over twenty expeditions beyond theArcticand Antarctic circles.

Sean spent an earlier career as an officer the elite Royal Marines gaining operational and management experiences across the globe. Sean has held positions in senior commercial leadership roles and is currently employed as the Project Manager of a 200 strong multi-national orgnasiation.

This lifetime of extreme leadership offers tangible and inspiring lessons in high performance, which are invaluable to all adventurers operating in today’s high-risk environments.

Sean has planned, managed and led the following major expeditions:

  • Overland to the South Pole and back (2,200km/67 days) – world first
  •  Para-ski of Folgefon Glacier,Norway
  • Youth expedition to the magnetic North Pole, High Arctic
  • In Parry’s footsteps to the magnetic North Pole (450 miles/42 days) – world first
  • Ski of Hardangavida,Norway
  • Youth expedition to the magnetic North Pole – world first
  • Attempt at geographical North Pole
  • Ski expedition, High Arctic
  • Ski of Northwest Passage, High Arctic
  • Circumnavigation of East African states by public transport
  • Ski crossing ofIceland(500 miles/47 days) – world first
  • Ski of Rondane,Norway
  • Endurance challenge Arizona,USA
  • Climb of Mount Kenya

Through motivational speaking, Sean shares the secrets of overcoming setbacks and pushing boundaries to achieve success against the odds. His keynotes offer inspirational and powerful learning in self-motivation, risk-assessment, teambulding and high performance leadership.

Against the inspirational backdrop of his record-breaking polar journeys, Sean outlines practical insights for unleashing the full potential in individuals and teams. A regular guest speaker at the London Business School, Sean shares his practical leadership insights with business executives from around the globe

Popular Topics include:

• From potential to performance
• Team selection and alignment
• The high performance environment
• Motivation of self and others
• Leadership and empowerment
• Goal setting
• Responding to change and setbacks
• Managing risk and decision-making