Lawrence McGinty

For four decades Lawrence McGinty has reported every major development in Science and Health. Most recently he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the RTS Television Journalism Awards and in 2014, he also won the Lifetime Achievement award of the Association of British Science Writers. The citation said he had “a profound effect on the scientific community”.

He has won awards from BAFTA, the RTS, the ABSW, the Medical Journalists Association and an Emmy as one of the team covering the floods in Mozambique in 2000.

He has interviewed every health minister for the last two decades. He interviewed Tony Blair when he was a little known shadow minister and again when he was Prime Minister. He interviewed, exclusively, the engineer who blew the whistle on what caused the Space Shuttle Challenger to explode disastrously in 1986. And he has interviewed thousands of patients – some delighted by new developments that have transformed their lives, others blowing the whistle on appalling NHS treatment.

He has been an advisor to the International Atomic Energy Agency and chaired an international conference on drugs for the World Health Organisation. But more important to him, he has won the respect of the many doctors, scientists and patients he has met.

How many television reporters have;

+ Flown a Harrier jump jet?
+ Signed off “from the North Pole”?
+ Appeared on the stage of the London Palladium in black tie driving a Sinclair C5?
+ Presented reports that persuaded over 100 000 people to sign up as organ doners?
+ Stroked a polar bear?

Only One: Lawrence McGinty.