Julian Rush

Now a science and environment broadcaster and writer, Julian Rush spent over ten years as the Science & Environment Correspondent for Channel 4 News, where his flair and enthusiasm for accessible explanation, investigation and analysis of a wide range of complex issues was recognised with several major TV industry awards.

Julian has reported from theArcticto the Amazon on a wide range of stories, from climate change and low carbon energy, through engineering, technology, medicine and more.

His extensive experience and credibility means he is able to bring a unique insight and understanding to subjects that so often baffle, but which affect us all.

Julian won the prestigious RTS Home News Awards in two consecutive years for his investigative reporting of the causes of the Paddington and Hatfield rail crashes.

In 2004 he was short-listed again for an RTS award, this time for his exclusive report that exposed the government’s “dodgy dossier” onIraq, plagiarised from a PhD student’s thesis.

Julian also chairs conferences and seminars and is a highly skilled conference facilitator and after dinner speaker. He has a wealth of experience hosting events and award ceremonies, both at home and abroad.