Steve Backshall

Looking For Adventure –Steve’s new book full of incredible wildlife, cultures, wilderness, danger and excitement is the irresistible, inspiring story of a little boy who let his heart rule his head is now available to buy. Steve is currently travelling the world filming a new series of Deadly 60 the hugely popular wildlife show on its 3rd series. Earlier this year Steve completed his UK theatre tour ‘Steve Backshall Wild and Live’, which was a great success and his new series Deadly Art was transmitted on CBBC. Later this year Steve will be publishing the book ‘Predator’ as well as filming a new series of Live and Deadly showing this autumn on BBC, -keep an eye out for Deadly Days Out near you.

As wildlife expert on CBBC’s groundbreaking series Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60, Steve has established himself as a popular children’s TV Presenter. Recent projects also include the BBC’s hugely successful Lost Land of the Jaguar (2008), the Lost Land of the Volcano series (2009), Lost Land of the Tiger (2010) and Live and Deadly.

As the expedition king, Steve has travelled the globe in search of the wild, weird and wonderful. He made the first descent into an enormous, unexplored sinkhole for the BBC1’s Emmy-nominated epic Expedition Borneo, and trekked into the heart of America’s most inhospitable terrain for Discovery’s Expedition Alaska. For the BBC’s Secret Wilderness: Japan he met giant salamanders and feisty Macaque monkeys, and came face-to-face with King Cobras for Sky One’s Inside King Cobra programme. Closer to home, Steve has presented Britain’s Lost World, Extreme Caving, Inside Out, The Nature of Britain and, most famously, CBBC’s The Really Wild Show.

Steve is a successful author with Steve Backshall’s Venom, The Rough Guide to: Indonesia, Southeast Asia and First-time Asia, as well as the forthcoming Adventurers Guide to Wildlife and Adventurer in Residence. He regularly writes article for newspapers and magazines including the National Geographic Traveler and BBC Wildlife. He is currently busy writing a book entitled ‘Expeditions’.

As an inspirational public speaker Steve presents on a range of wildlife, conservation, exploration and adventure topics. His recent climbing accident and recovery is the focus of his current presentation and makes for a fascinating and motivating event.