Stefan Buczacki

Stefan Buczacki’s name has been a by-word for the most trusted horticultural advice for well over twenty years. With his academic excellence, professional standing and a portfolio of nearly two thousand radio and television appearances (including many featuring his own garden), countless newspaper and magazine articles and over fifty books, he has an unrivalled grasp of what British gardeners need and want from their gardens. He has probably seen more gardens and met more gardeners in this country than almost anyone else and has also travelled the world and absorbed the best gardening knowledge and influences from other continents. In response to many requests, he now has his own design and advice consultancy.

Stefan is pleased to design gardens both large and small – recent commissions have ranged from 50 square metres to over 50 acres – and in many different styles. His only concerns are that the garden is appropriate to your needs and to your house and will give you pleasure and enjoyment. Stefan always takes a close and very personal interest and role in every commission.