Nicky Hambeleton-Jones

Nicky Hambleton-Jones is an icon and well loved household name synonymous with style, fashion, beauty and anti-aging. A pioneer in reinvention, Nicky is at the forefront of both the fashion and beauty industries, making it her business to find the best solutions on offer to help women nationwide look and feel fabulous.

She presented Channel 4’s hugely popular make-over series 10 Years Younger for 5 years and the peak of its popularity.

Nicky has a great knowledge of the science and hype behind the fashion and beauty industries. She is often asked for her advice and experience and as a result has set up a successful website – which aims to provide people with information on the latest products and treatments alongside interviews with leading cosmetic professional in the UK.

Nicky is the author of best selling books about fashion, beauty and nutrition including, 10 Years Younger, 10 Years Younger Nutrition Bible (2006), Top to Toe (2008) and How to be Gorgeous (2010). She has also published her own magazine – At Home with Nicky Hambleton-Jones, and regularly writes for the likes of Fabulous, Reveal, Rosemary Conley and Mother & Baby magazine.

In May 2001 she founded the personal stylist consultancy NHJ Style ( which has been incredibly successful and has lead to the NHJ Style Academy – which runs courses for men and women who want to pursue a career in personal styling.

Nicky is often required for tips, commercial endorsements, interviews and video films for beauty products, fashion and nutrition, having worked with the likes of Avon, Clairol, Playtex, Freemans and Comfort to name a few . She has strong opinions and makes a great ambassador. She regularly styles for magazine shoots and has recently launched her own eyewear range NHJ Eyewear.

Nicky is instantly recognisable. She is interesting, intelligent, funny, a talente