Jonnie Irwin

Jonnie Irwin is a longstanding co-host of A Place in the Sun & Escape to the Country and founder of bespoke property and business consultancy firm Judicare. Jonnie’s genuine passion for the industry and likable personality has cemented his reputation as a well-respected business and property expert.
Beginning his property career in a graduate job at Christie & Co, a surveying and business transfer specialist firm, Jonnie worked across a whole range of departments and proved himself to be a promising businessman; however not long into his first role he broke his back playing in a rugby Sevens tournament. Despite an absence from work for six months, when he returned, he picked up where he left off, advising and brokering on the sales and purchase of a whole spectrum of properties and businesses, ranging from corner shops and pubs to corporate packages of hotels and development sites.
After 3 years he become associate director of the agency and it was in 2004 that Jonnie was headhunted as joint presenter of the then new Channel 4 TV show A Place In The Sun: Home or Away?, displaying an infectious enthusiasm and expert knowledge for the industry, his warmth and genuine compassion has seen Jonnie continue to successfully host the show through to present day. The programme is now broadcast daily across multiple TV channels such as More4, Discovery Real Time and Discovery Travel & Living, as well as broadcasted throughout Europe and the rest of the world; including New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.
It wasn’t long before he was offered other TV opportunities and has since presented numerous series for the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky 1; such as Dream Lives for Sale, The Renovation Game, Escape to the Country, Dispatches, Cowboy Trap, A Place In The Sun – Home Or Away and To Buy or Not to Buy.
Now 15 years on, Jonnie can still be found globetrotting, helping buyers find their dream homes on A Place In The Sun where he is also heavily involved in A Place in the Sun Live, giving practical advice through seminars and workshops on all things property.
Jonnie has become very well known on the corporate events circuit, making his mark as a professional and enthusiastic speaker; attending events across the country by lending his expert advice on property and business whilst also sharing his story of how he bounced back from adversity.
Jonnie writes a monthly column for A place in the Sun magazine as well as a twice monthly column for Monarch Airlines.
Away from the camera Jonnie is still involved in business and recently received an honorary doctorate from Birmingham City University. He remains a keen sportsman cycling, hiking, mountain biking and playing cricket. Jonnie married his wife Jess in 2016 and they welcomed their first baby boy in 2018.