Barry and Stuart

Barry and Stuart are two Scottish BAFTA nominated comedy magicians. They regularly perform wonder invoking, laughter inducing, awe-inspiring magic. Stylistically dark and weird they are creepy, cool, and funny.

Originally from Aberdeenshire in Scotland the duo made their television debut with the Channel 4 series Magick. Following its success, they went on to host the comedy series, Dirty Tricks, a cutting-edge magic and variety show which was nominated for a Golden Rose at Lucerne in 2006.

They caused a national outcry with their Christmas and Easter TV specials, The Magic of Jesus and Tricks from the Bible in which the pair visited Egypt to walk on water, raise the dead, and even make a real honest-to-goodness virgin pregnant.

Barry and Stuart have presented five hour-long Edinburgh Fringe Festival live shows; Part-Time Warlocks, Powered by Demons, 98% Séance and in 2011 they broke the magician’s code and exposed their secrets with two Edinburgh shows, Show and Tell. All saw total sell-out audiences, 5-star reviews and won critical acclaim.

They have created a revolutionary new form of magic on the internet for the BBC using the iPlayer, tricks that have racked up millions of hits and had people all over the world and convinced that they had real psychic powers! You can still learn and try these out for yourself here.

In 2009, they won the title of “Best Comedy Illusionists” at the World Magic Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. And in 2011 they starred in the hit BBC prime-time Saturday night show The Magicians a series that drew in audiences of over 6 million people weekly.

In 2011 Barry and Stuart did their first UK tour to sell out audiences and can be seen live in theatres around the UK in 2012 with the critically acclaimed Show and Tell.