Watt Nichol

In 1997, Watt Nicoll was evaluated by his peer group as the top motivational speaker in the world at the ITC Conference in Reno Nevada. Since then he’s improved!

Quite simply, Watt excites people with the realisation that they can shake off mediocrity and live up to their potential. It’s a high-energy message, delivered on a frequency that connects with people at any stage of life.

With his own brand of persistence and determination, Watt has developed a process of self-education and self-awareness that has distinguished him as a world-class resource for the development of human potential.

Think of the most famous sports men and women in the world; think football, golf, motor racing; think of the world of celebrity and big name pop stars; think multinational corporations.

What do they have in common? Watt Nicoll.

Watt’s unrelenting search for enhancement has brought him into contact with many of the world’s greatest achievers and led to the formation of Watt Nicoll Associates. Anyone who meets and works with Watt can testify to the warmth and power of his personality. Why not let Watt help you or your organisation fulfil its potential?