Tim Harford

Tim Harford is an economist, award-winning journalist and speaker, TV and radio personality, and bestselling author. His books, most famously The Undercover Economist, have been translated into 30 languages and have sold nearly one million copies worldwide, hitting the bestseller lists not only in the US, UK and Canada but in translation from Spain to South Korea. Tim is well-known as the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s More or Less.

Although Tim is a serious economist – after a career spanning Shell, the World Bank and tutoring at OxfordUniversity, he is now a visiting fellow at Nuffield college, Oxford – his unique talent lies in the humorous touch he brings to his subject. His weekly Financial Times columns has attracted a cult following.

Tim has also been published in Slate, Esquire, Forbes, New York Magazine, Parade, Wired, the Washington Post, The Times (London), and the New York Times. He won the 2006 Bastiat Prize for economic journalism and more or less has been commended for excellence by the royal statistical society four years running. A regular commentator on TV and radio shows on both sides of the Atlantic, Tim fronted the BBC 2 television series TrustMe. I’m an Economist and now presents the BBC Radio 4 series More or Less.

Tim is now working on a series of short films for Newsnight.

He lives in Oxford with his wife and three children