Tim Drake

Tim Drake spent more than a decade in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, ending up as Client Services Director of the global advertising agency BBDO. He then became an entrepreneur, and co-founded a retail business that achieved a turnover of 17 million and was called by 3i, ‘a gem of a company’.

Tim’s talks and coaching sessions share uplifting insights from his new book You Can Be As Young As You Think. Tim combines the insights of his latest book with those of his previous book (I Want to Make a Difference – 5 Star rated on Amazon)to get to the heart of personal and group motivation.

Tim puts the audience through a Brain Age test to find out where their mental mindsets are now. From this starting point, Tim takes them through the Six Wisdoms of Youth, which allow them to re-discover the freshness, energy, enthusiasm and engagement of their younger selves. His central message is that tapping into our inner youthfulness and desire to make a difference will energise both us, and the organisation we work for.

Colleagues want to feel pride and a buzz in their work. Customers too are looking for a sense of purpose, as well as fresheness and openess in the organisations they deal with. Tim helps organisations deliver this and make a difference.