Roger Harrop

Roger Harrop has spent over 25 years leading international business at the highest level, ultimately a plc, putting him in a unique position to deal with contemporary business challenges.

He is an,Oxford,UKbased, international motivational business growth speaker who inspires and entertains his audiences with his acclaimed Staying in the Helicopter® programs. Over 10000 CEOs, business leaders and others have achieved transformational change through his thought provoking and entertaining talks laced with real-life stories, anecdotes and humour.

Roger is also an author, business advisor, mentor, consultant and independent director focused on business development and success.

He has extensive business management skills and experience across a broad spectrum of businesses – from small start-ups to large multinational corporations; from high tech manufactured products through basic commodities, to people based services businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Roger spent seven years as Group Chief Executive of a FTSE quoted, high tech industrial instrumentation group with 12 operations over four continents. The company was listed in the UK Government’s ‘Competitiveness’ White Paper and gained a reference in the US Forbes magazine as one of the top 100 overseas companies and has been used as a benchmark case study by two business schools on culture change and business re-engineering.

He has run businesses for major multi-national corporations and has been a tutor with one of the leading leadership and teambuilding programs for over 25 years. He is a keen windsurfer and mountain biker.