Philip Hesketh

Business speakers, keynote speakers, after dinner speakers…are terms often used to describe the services of people who are experts in their field, who make their profession by passing on their pearls of wisdom. However, none of these words illustrate the true benefits that can be reaped from business speaker Phil Hesketh’s business talks, In-House Sales Courses and Motivational Seminars.

As a business speaker, Philip Hesketh has a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling him to pass on what he has learnt covering business development, relationship building, sales and The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence.

Philip Hesketh has spent over five years as a business speaker, a profession which taken him as far as a field asSingaporeandAustralia. Being a business speaker, Philip shares the knowledge and experience he gained during his impressive career as a Salesman, and later as a Business Director and Managing Partner of a leading advertising firm. His talks are candid, witty and interactive, ensuring that all delegates take something from the experience to use in their own careers.

Philips business speeches have been described by many sales teams as “enjoyable”, “inspirational” and “valuable”. Sales teams the world over have gained insightful tips and invaluable lessons from Philip’s business talks, your sales force could too.