Michelle Dewberry

Michelle Dewberry’s fantastic career has gone from success to success. Her raw ambition and keen business eye has ensured her online business Chicnomise.com was one of the few businesses set up during the recession that has thrived and her consultancy career  is going is still going strong, having consulted for some of the UK’s largest firms including The Royal Mail, The Chamber of Commerce and The Mayor’s Office.

Many companies are talking advantage of her consultancy skills and, as reported in the Financial Times recently, an adventure holiday company reported their best day’s trading following Dewberry’s intervention. Dewberry’s down to earth nature and style, both throughout her businesses and personal image, and her ambition and adventurous nature ensuring she is willing to dare where others daren’t has secured her a place among the successes of the past few years, even in the current economic climate.

Dewberry started her career with an apprenticeship in business, after leaving school aged 16 with no qualifications.  She studied IT in her spare time, quickly moved up the corporate ladder and was head-hunted by a major Internet Service Provider to manage one of their biggest internal projects.  Aged just 23 and based in the city ofLondon, Dewberry became a self employed consultant, managing multi-million pound projects spanning across Europe and Asia.

Always one to rise to a challenge, Dewberry seized the opportunity to apply for the second series of The Apprentice and beat over 15,000 people to become the first female and youngest winner of the show.  After working alongside the ‘notoriously belligerent’ Sir Alan Sugar, her entrepreneurial instincts were awakened and she left to establish her own successful ventures: Michelle Dewberry Limited (MDL), a consultancy that helps transform and troubleshoot companies and Chiconomise.com, the money saving site for women, launched in the height of the recession this year.

Dewberry has a passion for inspiring others and runs countless workshops aimed at helping people define and achieve their goals.  Her autobiography, ‘Anything is Possible’ charts her rise from a council estate inHullthrough to the business success she enjoys today.  She also runs workshops for organisations wishing to motivate their staff and has delivered countless seminars for high profile businesses.

Since overcoming adversity in her childhood, Dewberry feels strongly that “life is for living” and has a desire to continually challenge herself both physically and mentally. A twice London Marathon runner, competitor in the ‘Microsoft Challenge’ corporate adventure race and recently crowned the winner of a global recession shopping challenge, Dewberry thrives on pushing herself to the limit and enjoying herself while doing so.

Dewberry has strong opinions on current business and economic matters and consequently is frequently asked to comment on matters in a variety of national media outlets. She fears for young people in the current economic climate and feels passionate about helping to avoid a potential ‘lost generation’.