Jo Fairley

Jo Fairley is one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs.

As co-founder of Green & Black’s chocolate – now approaching a £100million brand worldwide – she has an exceptional understanding of brand creation and development, and a talent for sharing that experience and insightful knowledge in the most inspirational way.

Jo works for a very wide range of clients as a widely-acclaimed public speaker both to large audiences and smaller groups at a hands-on level, helping individual brands with product development, branding, media and more.

Since founding Green & Black’s chocolate in 1991, she has built the brand into the world’s leading organic chocolate, continuing to champion its worldwide success in co-operation with its new owners, Cadburys.

An award-winning author & journalist, Jo is author of a series best-selling books on health and beauty – including the worldwide smash The Beauty Bible – and is a regular columnist, feature-writer and journalist for the world’s leading magazines. She is also co-author with Craig Sams of
Sweet Dreams: The Story of Green & Black’s.

Today, Jo maintains her involvement in health, beauty and wellbeing via a diverse range of interests including:

The world’s leading beauty website –

The award-winning organic bakery – Judges Bakery

The 11-room boutique wellbeing centre – The Wellington Centre