Hamish McRae

Hamish McRae is the principal economic commentator for The Independent newspaper. He is a visiting professor at Lancaster University and a council member of the Royal Economic Society. His latest work focuses on excellence in the world economy, the shift of economic power to Asia and how technology interacts with human capital to shift competitive advantage.
A proven visionary of the global economy

He has been a financial and business editor for major national newspapers, and has won several awards for his journalistic work. His most recent award was Business and Finance Journalist of the Year in the 2006 British Press Awards. Currently, he is working on a new book studying how excellence is developed in different economic situations around the world.

What he offers you
Insights into how the world may develop are underpinned by his latest book ‘What Works: Success in Stressful Times’. He argues that the true wealth is as much measured by the ability to develop its cultural, intellectual and social resources. As a result, he demonstrates how strategies can be developed to benefit from the best practices of the world’s most renowned organisations.

How he presents
In a light and relaxed way, he illuminates complex issues with great clarity.

His key topics are:-
• The World in 2020 – Future Trends
• The Global Economy
• The Rise of the Asian Economies
• Globalisation
• Technology
• Demography
• Energy Markets and Resources