The Charleston Charlies

The Charleston Charlies! Playing popular hits from the roaring 1920s. Enjoy this visit to an era of wonderful nonsense, quirky original music and cheerful entertainment. Let’s misbehave!

Kidnapped by aliens from the Savoy ballroom in 1929, the Charleston Charlies reappeared on the streets of Manchester in 2007 having aged not one jot, still playing their jolly and quirky 1920’s hits. The Charleston Charlies are:
Oscar Bernhardt (singer, banjo and trumpet)
Chester Walmsley ( drums)
The Magnificent Eddie Barnstormer (piano)
Burley Martell (double bass)
Milton Colehill (sax and clarinet)

Love us or laugh at us, you’ll have to dance to us! Our affectionate 1920’s pastiche delights and delects its way through an era of prohibition , speakeasies and mob violence, when the jitterbug was scandalous, flappers bobbed their hair and raised their skirts and a damn good time was to be had by the reckless and young at heart.

Strike up the band! Everything is hotsy totsy now!

One of the best themed bands available for hire in the UK, The Charleston Charlies will take you back to another era when life was carefree and a good time was had by all. So guys “n” dolls prepare to party all the way – the Charleston Charlies are here to entertain you!