Richard Hammond

Richard Hammonds’s warm and charismatic personality has led him to be much in demand as After Dinner Speaker and Awards Host.  His rise to prominence through the huge success of Top Gear alongside his colleagues Jeremy Clarkson and James May has resulted in Richard’s presenting numerous programmes on prime time television.

The Consumate Presenter

He brings an easy charm to camera, enhanced with a gentle and often self-mocking wit – amply shown in TOP GEAR (witness the film in which a highly charged moment ‘off-road’ lead him to exclaim – “I am a driving god!” – well it was a very exciting ride……) in which he tackles cars and Clarkson with wry and infectious humour.

In 2006 during the filming of a Top Gear stunt, he crashed his jet powered car at 288 mph while in the car that broke the British land speed record.  His rescue and rehabilition rose national attention to the service that the air ambulance service provide.

He  has gone on to present programmes such as Brainiac: Science Abuse on Sky1, Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections, Richard Hammond’s Invisible World on BBC Two, Should I Worry About…? on BBC One, Total Wipeout, also on BBC One and Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab on CBBC. He has also presented several one-off specials such as ITV’s The Gunpowder Plot: Exploding The Legend and the annual Crufts awards.

Car and Motor Expert

He was previously on ITV’s Motor Show – (TX 2000) a lifestyle/motoring show aimed at a broader audience than the typical petrol-head. From 98 to 99 he presented Motorweek – a weekly magazine for Granada Sky Broadcasting (GSB) also Kits n’Cruisin’, a weekly look at unusual cars (and motoring people) and he’s examined motoring consumer issues for Money Matters (The Money Channel).

Still with motoring – although with a twist – Better Cars (GSB) – took the cars (and their owners) to the experts, designers and whatever, to restore, adapt, ‘make-over’ or whatever is needed to realize dreams and make what might be no more than a family jalopy into their particular dream machine.

Lifestyle Presenter

Through 2000/1 he was a comfortable and witty presence on the sofa of Livetime for Granada Breeze – presenting live hour-long shows of lifestyle issues and from November 2000 had a regular 2 hours live each Saturday with Home and Garden (Livetime) while also ‘tasting’ Canada for Carlton Food Network.

His lively warmth enhanced his BBC TV opt out for Children in Need, a characteristic he also brings to Radio with his weekly motoring hour on LBC and previously to BBC North, BBC Radio York & BBC Radio Leeds.