Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson presents the Today programme on Radio 4 – the country’s most listened to news programme – as well as making documentaries for BBC TV – including “Sir Alex Ferguson – Secrets of Success” and “Europe – Them & Us”.
He was the BBC’s Political Editor for a decade travelling with and covering first Tony Blair, then Gordon Brown and finally David Cameron when they were Prime Minister. Before that he was ITV News’s Political Editor and is the only person to have done the job for both the country’s biggest broadcasters.
He is the author of two books – Election Notebook – which not only charted the year leading up to the 2015 general election but also Nick’s fight to overcome cancer & the loss of his voice so that he could report it – and Live from Downing Street – a history of the relationship between politicians and broadcasters down the decades.
He had a series of famous clashes with George W. Bush and a selection of other political leaders.