Katie Rushworth

Katie Rushworth is currently part of the successful presenting/gardening team from ITV’s Love Your Garden.  Now in its second series the show is proving very popular with the prime time audience and the brand is going from strength to strength with Katie being an integral part of the show.

Katie is a fun northern girl from Yorkshire and has been self employed as a gardener and garden designer for the past 4 years – running her own business The Queen of Spades (which she is!).  As a young mum she has built the business entirely off her own back from nothing and now has a wonderful reputation and client base as well as a growing television profile.  The future is looking great for Katie.

Katie found her passion and skill for gardening when she first did garden maintenance locally in Yorkshire.  She decided to turn this love affair with gardening into a career after studying horticulture at night school and working part time at her local garden centre.  Katie is now in her final year of her Foundation Degree in Garden Design and takes pride in having the skills to maintain and design gardens from both a horticulture and design-based perspective.

Katie’s enthusiasm for gardening comes across clearly for all to see on the ITV show.  She has excellent plant knowledge and a great eye for design, function and beauty and this is conveyed to the watching audience with humour, expression and accessibility.  She thrives on working outdoors in naturally beautiful habitats.

This year Katie entered the Harrogate Flower Show as part of her degree and won the Premier Award as well as the People’s Choice Award.  She has also won the Ilkley in Bloom award for the past two years.

Katie is a fantastic communicator and is respected and loved by all ages both male and female as well as children.

She is inspiring to women who have children and want to run their own business and we have no doubt that any gardening brand would be proud to be associated with her.