Kate Humble

Kate Humble was born in 1968 and grew up next door to a farm in Berkshirewhere she spent the majority of her childhood mucking out horses.  After leaving school she travelled to Africa and spent a year doing various jobs from hatching crocodiles to driving and cooking for safari companies whilst making her way slowly and not altogether directly from Cape to Cairo  She arrived in Egyptwith £5 and no ticket home.

On her return to England she started making tea and typing things for people who worked in television production companies and gradually worked her way up the ladder to becoming a producer.  In 1994 she again left forAfrica with her husband of two years, Ludo.  Together they drove around Southern Africa in a broken down pick-up for several months and then sold it to buy tickets toMadagascar.  This journey was to become the subject of the first article she wrote for ‘The Telegraph’.

In 1997 she joined the BBC, working first on the long running series ‘Animal Hospital’ and then joining the ‘Holiday Programme’, where she was asked to present her first report.  She continued working both behind and in front of the camera until in 1999 a ten year obsession got the better of her and she and Ludo left forMalito travel 1500kms through theSaharadesert on foot and camel with salt traders.  On her return she continued presenting programmes for the BBC including ‘The Essential Guide to Rocks’, ‘Tomorrow’s World’, ‘Animal Park’ and ‘Rough Science’.

Her passion for diving lead to her first job with the BBC’s Natural History Unit when she was asked to go to the Caymen Islands and dive in a submarine to look for the rarely seen six gill shark for ‘The Abyss’.  Another live deep water series ‘Beyond the Abyss’ followed the next year as well as ‘Wild in Your Garden’ with Bill Oddie.  The immensely popular and successful ‘Springwatch’ followed, along with ‘Amazon Abyss’, ‘Wild inAfrica’ and ‘Seawatch’.   She continues to contribute to several magazines and newspapers, is co-author of the ‘Springwatch & Autumnwatch’ book, and presents a number of science and natural history programmes for the BBC, including ‘Climate Change: Britain Under Threat’, ‘Wild in California’ ‘Springwatch’ and ‘Autumnwatch’.