Tim Vine


When you see Tim Vine perform you certainly get value for money.

He is a joke machine gun, rattling out one joke after another in quick succession.  At full pelt Tim sprays out 10 jokes a minute.  Keep the laughs short, he’s got a lot to get through.

In early 2006 Tim completed a sell-out tour of hisEdinburghshow, ’Current Puns’, which he will be touring again in the Autumn of 2006.

Sell-Out Edinburgh festival shows ‘Current Puns’ in 2005, ‘I’m Vine Thanks’, ‘Tim Vine and The Minotaur’, ‘Tim Vine Flat Out’, ‘The Tim Vine Shambles’ and ‘The Vine Fiasco’, which won him The Perrier Best Newcomer Award.

He also played to sell-out audiences at the critically acclaimed Montreal‘Just For Laughs’ Comedy Festival.

Recent T.V. credits include, Host of ‘Fluke’ (Channel 4) this show was devised by Tim and short-listed for a  ‘Montreux Golden Globe Award’. Host of ‘Whittle’ (Channel 5), Host of ‘The Tim Vine Christmas Present’ (Channel 5), Host of ‘Housemates’ (BBC1).  Tim was the first man to appear on Channel 5 co-hosting the first show they broadcast called ‘This is Five’. Guest host on ‘Not The Jack Docherty Show’ (Channel 5).  He also appeared on the ‘Des O’Connor Show’ (ITV) ‘The Stand Up Show’ (BBC), ‘Jim Davidson Presents’ (BBC) ‘Call My Bluff’ (BBC), ‘Give Us a Clue’ (BBC), ‘Night Fever’ (Channel 5), and he is a regular on ‘Loose Ends’ (Radio 4). Also Tim wrote, directed and starred in a short film called ‘Two Men Left’.

Tim’s basic philosophy is, “The audience came to hear jokes so I’ll give ’em jokes” and that’s what he does.  He gives them several hundred very silly ones.

Tim has also appeared in ‘The Royal Variety Show.’

Hold onto the arms of your chair you’re about to get caught in a hail of punch lines. Tim vine is back with lots of new stupidity. There’s no escape. Ducking is futile. The man with the golden pun has you in his sights. He’s officially the fastest joke teller that ever lived and he’s in your town tonight. Good luck. You’ll need it.