Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer has co-presented the on-going Channel 4 property shows Location Location Location and Relocation Relocation for over 10 years. He also co-presented the Live Special programme ofUK’s Best and Worse Places to Live andUK’s Best and Worse Places to Invest. His second series Phil Down Under transmits early 2011. Phil also collaborated with his co-presenter, Kirstie Alssop, presenting Kirsite and Phil’s Perfect Christmans and Vacations Vacations Vacations, due to transmit March 2011.Phil hosted a radio show for 3 months on Classic FM earlier in the year and also works as a voice over artist and writes columns for various monthly publications.

Phil’s experience in business and presenting coupled with a warm and engaging manner make him a popular choice for corporate vidoes, after dinner speaking and awards hosting.

Outside of his media work he continues to work as a buyers agent and is known to look after small numbers of wealthy clients