Ian Richards

When booking an After Dinner Speaker or Comedian for your function, it is always important to select someone who has a proven track record of entertaining at the highest levels. With the ability to gauge carefully the mood of his audience and tailor his act to cater for all ages and tastes.

Bearing these things in mind, may we introduce IAN RICHARDS for a true professional standard of comedy.

In over twenty two years as a full time professional Ian has worked literally all over the world, including The Falklands, Ascension Isles, Germany, Belgium, Florida, Spain, Holland & France. Since 1990 Ian has been carving out a well recognised and respected niche in the after dinner market, establishing himself as one of the most in demand performers on the circuit today. Totally reliable, impeccably presented, with fresh material and of course most importantly very funny !!

Ian is an active and long standing member of the Comedians Golfing Society, and is always in demand throughout the year to play in celebrity pro am golf events to raise funds for various deserving charities.

When the agenda allows, Ian will always accept an invitation to join the golfers during the day and enter fully into the spirit of the occasion.

Ian speaks for both mixed and all male audiences and will vary his act accordingly when appropriate.

During the last decade, Ian has played and spoken as far afield as Florida, and has been made most welcome at many of our Country’s top golf courses, appearing for many major corporate clients, private golf clubs and societies.