Caspar Berry

Caspar Berry started his career as an actor as the lead in the first two series of Byker Grove on BBC1 alongside Ant and Dec. After two years of doing this – during his A levels – he was fortunate enough to get into Cambridge to read Economics where he spent most of his time directing theatre such as the Cambridge footlights and working with such talented performers as Olivia Colman, David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

After setting his sights on becoming a professional film writer,  Caspar had his first screenplay produced by Film Four whilst still in his final year of university. By the time he was 23 he was writing for Miramax and Columbia Tri Star. And his future looked pretty certain. Then at 25, he took the decision that would dramatically change his life forever: He moved to Las Vegas and became a professional poker player!

In many of his seminars Caspar speaks about both the motivations and consequences of this decision and asks participants to think in similar terms about the significant decisions that have defined their life to date.

Caspar played poker professionally for most of the next 3 years of his life during which time he made a good living pitting his wits against the game’s best known players. It was a great period of his life during which time he learned many of the key messages which he now imparts to businesses today. At the same time, there was something unfulfilling about it. Poker is a lonely pursuit which doesn’t contribute anything to society really and Caspar still had the urge to create things and work as part of a fulfilling team.

So, in 2002, he returned to the UK and co-founded Twenty First Century Media – building it into the fastest growing audio visual media company in the North East of England before selling it in 2008 to Bob Geldof’s media giant, Ten Alps.

It was while still at the helm of Twenty First Century Media that Caspar began his career as a speaker and catalyst for new thinking within business about risk-taking and decision-making. Initially, he combined this role with his work as a speaker and broadcaster on the subject of poker. This was at the beginning of the poker boom and it was during this time that he had the privilege of being one of the two poker advisors on the James Bond movie, Casino Royale.

Then, in 2005 he become a trainer for The Mind Gym who schooled him in the fundamental skills of delivery and facilitation which laid the foundations for his work as a serious speaker and trainer for business using poker as merely a metaphor for the risks and decisions that we all take every day. He worked for them for two years before going alone in 2007.

Caspar has now been a professional motivational and keynote speaker for the last 7 years during which time he has delivered over 1,000 speeches for over 200 great companies around the world such as Google, Visa, KPMG, HSBC and IBM. He has earned a worldwide reputation as a highly professional and impactful speaker who catalyses change in any audience.

His key messages – which address the need to take calculated risk in order to achieve success – are timeless and non-sector-specific. This makes them perfect for any training day or conference where new ideas, innovation, leadership, decision-making or change are being discussed or debated.


 “I thought the session was excellent.” Karl Trumper, Sales and Service Director, Barclays plc

“Brilliant, intelligent messages delivered with passion and knowledge. The best talk from an outside keynote speaker I have ever seen.” Jonathan Walsh, Corporate Marketing and Communication Director, Nestle

“Every time I see Caspar in action I get more and more impressed. He talks with such conviction, experience and humour that it’s a real pleasure to be in his company.” John Inverdale, Broadcaster, BBC

“Caspar is an inspirational keynote speaker but does it with content and delivery that captures the imagination and challenges the audience to really think in a different way.” Sian Doyle,Director of Retail, Orange

“A genuinely staggering session” Graham Bowland, Managing Director, Surgical Innovations

“A really fun and relevant afternoon which looks at business in a very different way. Caspar, your session was fantastic and the highlight of the day. Well done. The PayPal team is still talking about it”. Geoff Iddison, CEO, PayPal