Bill Giles

Immediately on retiring as Head of the Met Office Weather Presenters at the BBC Weather Centre, Bill has concentrated on humorous after dinner speeches. 

 At Conferences Bill can put speakers at their ease and sum up the conference in an understandable way.  He has taken part in “Call my Bluff”, written hundreds of articles for the BBC website  During his time at BBC 1 Bill has completed many five-minute Weathershows covering a wide variation of subjects on the weather from winemaking in the USA to the Thames Barrier, but his first love has always been explaining the consequences of climate change if we persist in throwing up greenhouses gases into the atmosphere.  On this subject Bill has put forward the hypotheses on such things as the Sahara Desert moving north into the Mediterranean, that London’s summer climate by 2050 would be the same as that in southern France of today; that malarial mosquitoes would invade our shores, all of which have now been taken onboard, now, by mainstream commentators on Global warming.

Bill has recently completed a series, which has been broadcast byCarlton in Plymouth and Bristol, a series of twelve half-an-hour programmes on the specific implications of Climate change inSouthwest England.  Bill has lectured on this subject to several conferences for Cambridge County Council, Bracknell Forest Council, The Earth Centre, Doncaster, the East of England Tourist Board, Southeast Renewable Energy Conference atReading, and mostly recently chaired the meeting at Intech atWinchester.  His main contribution to this subject was that he translates the language of pure science into one, which everyone could understand.

Bills last duties with the BBC was to train the Weather Presenters.  He is now open to do After Dinner Speeches-Humorous with anecdotes about the BBC Weather Centre, its presenters as well as climate change.  Voice Overs, Adverts and Game shows.  Conferences and articles the articles can be sent weekly or monthly to magazines and newspapers.

In 1994 he won the scientific prize at the Paris International Festival for Weather Broadcasting and was also voted theUK’s most believable and understandable weather broadcaster.

He has performed a unique one man two hour stage show for many years entitled “The Weather Show” or “A rib-tickling evening with Bill Giles” or “Did Mike Fish really miss the hurricane?”  This show has travelled all over the country from the Channel Islands to Perth.

He has written and published two books on weather and is also writing books concerned with Global Warming, Weather and Gardening plus children’s’ books.

Bill also gives a serious talk with humour on the effects of Global Warming and the future of trade and commerce in theUK andEurope.

This covers climate changes from pre history to the present day, conclusions on future changes in the world’s climate and how they could affect different areas of the world, including UK and Europe and how quickly this change could occur and other aspects.

Depending on the audience, discussing how this changing climate could affect their businesses.

Farmers and Horticulturists – how an increase in temperature might affect the way they plan their future crops – what crops might become viable with say an increase of O.5C or 1C and

When or if that was likely to occur – what crops might become impossible to grow successfully – changes perhaps in the varieties grown – what natural wild species we might lose or indeed gain from abroad, as is already happening.

He would also cover aspects re medical, power, utilities, leisure and abroad.

A popular speaker, Bill is ideal for a mixed audience and has done much work in the Corporate Sector.